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Sunshine for your soul

Sol Care 

Sol Care is the meaningful journey of deeply personal discoveries

We are all on a mission

Search & Rescue

to find and rescue our true self

Remember who you really are


Sacred Ceremony

 Sol Care shares sacred rites of many ceremonies and teachings to walk in a good way. Our soul knowledge arises from travelling the full spectrum of the sacred hoop/medicine wheel both cosmically and from the insights of Great Mother, White Buffalo Calf Woman, Earth Mother. Ceremony is an essential element of Native healing which is anchored and defined in Matriarchal Wisdom.

Art Therapy

Sacred Art

Sacred art is the meaningful journey of deeply personal discoveries as well as a means to merge into the consciousness of our ancestors. Limited edition fine art print is provided as the magic carpet upon which your unique discoveries emerge. Each workshop is a guided exploration of themes reflective of self-discovery and may                encompass sacred rites and ceremony from cultural traditions timelines /star family, life-destiny or simply marinate in nature's unlimited inspiration. This workshop is suited to both novice and aficionados of the art world. You will be proud to display the results of your time in this sacred journey.                                    Free your mind, body & spirit 

 The dimensions of each initial project are approximately 2 x 3 feet-~*a substantial and beautifully frameable work of art that participants are proud to  display when completed, either as a stand-alone piece or contributing as perfect complimentary center to a series of smaller works arranged to reveal your advanced insights garnered along the path to fulfillment.

Zero Point

Sacred Stillness

    Tapping your values to guide you naturally. Reframe subconscious patterns and belief systems to work For you. Your own God/Goddess Spark is just waiting to be called upon; It has always been you !

"Dense plasma charge circulation lucidly inhabiting the array" - D.W. 

           Are you ready for Bliss?



Sol Care @The Shareable Wave has a very special line-up of experiential attunement activities ranging from identifying and communicating with energetic ley lines & ancestors, medicinal plants, understanding cosmic mythologies and legends as fractals within our human biology and so much more.
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